Building a Successful Retail Print Portal For Your Brand

Building a Successful Retail Print Portal For Your Brand

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successful retail print portal for your brand

Our last post, we discussed the products and benefits of your internal web portal.  This issue we will discuss important considerations that need to be brainstormed before building your print portal for the retail market.   This will allow you to build a successful retail print portal for your brand.

Important Questions

The first question is to determine what products you want to offer.  Determine which products are purchased the most frequent and offer them.  You can always add more later.

The second question that should be asked is what minimums need to be listed?  This is important for a few reasons.  You need to confirm that your print supplier / portal host have the same quantities you want to offer.  Next, you need to make sure you have a need for small quantities.   There is an advantage and a disadvantage of having small quantities.  The advantage is you will have fewer competitors offering short runs.  The disadvantage is your price per piece will be high because of the setup fees.  What do you do?

On Demand Business Cards
On Demand Business Cards

Well, you need to determine who your clientele is, and decide if they buy from you because of price, or because of your relationship.  If it is relationship, then offer short runs, if it is price, you might want to steer clear of short runs.

The third question is how soon can you expect the product?  This information needs to be spelled out for each product on the print portal.  Postcards might only be a few days, but presentation folders might take up to seven business days.  You also need to include transit time, and different methods of shipping.  This is important for time sensitive orders.

  In conclusion, ask yourself if your organization wants to offer Direct Mail,  Shrink Wrapping, Rounded Corners, Variable Data Printing (VDP), specialty papers, etc. that will allow you to offer more to your clients.  The finishing can make a big difference in the end results of the printed piece.

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