Print’s Not Dead

Print’s Not Dead. The phrase may be a cliche. But it is still valid. Print’s not dead. With the creation of the internet and the surge of social media, it is more vital than ever to create marketing that is still unique and captures the attention of your designated demographic. Some people believe they should put all their efforts in web ads and web presence but they are overlooking the importance of good old print marketing.

Web marketing is effective but not the only option. Web advertising has a dangerous tendency to bundle your company and ads into “spam” that clogs up their emails and creates annoying flashing signs on sidebars of websites. However, when coupled with direct mail and other marketing strategies, response rates have the ability to increase by an average of 20 percent.

Marketing is more than just email, search marketing, and affiliate marketing. Emails get deleted without a glance and your clever email marketing strategy has a home in the trash. However, studies show that not only do 79% of households read or at least scan direct mail ads, but 75% of customers actually enjoy receiving offers in the mail and more customers are acquired through direct mail marketing.

Many underestimate what print can do for your brand. Print marketing is considered more trustworthy according to 56% of consumers. Tangible ads have a stronger impact because consumers can feel it and hold onto it – internet ads disappear with a click of a button. The fear of viruses and personal security have increased – no one wants to click on ad banners on the internet and flashing signs.

The typography, colors, and even paper material can add strength to your brand – consumers won’t get the same feel (no pun intended) for your company from a web advertisement. With print, people are more likely to read the entire ad compared to skimming websites and links with almost 48% of consumers keeping the direct mail/ads for future reference.

To reach specific consumers and targeted markets, print ads and marketing can be placed inside trade magazines which are directed at a specific demographic; you can create specialized ads for a specific market rather than a few broad general ads. These help make your consumers feel special and that their wants and needs are being directly researched.

There is no denying that the internet is very popular for many consumers. You can integrate print marketing with online marketing. A new trend of QR codes have emerged over the last few years and you can place these in printed ads and have them lead to your online web presence.

Kill two birds with one stone. And, don’t miscalculate the significance of print advertisements and marketing materials to your brand’s success.