Postage Rates Are Going Down!

Prices are going down!
Postage Prices are going down!
Going Down!
Going Down!

At the start of 2016 we have seen two key factors that effect business have plummeted.  The first is the stock market (lately it has been going up!!) and the second is gas prices!  Remember the $4.00 plus for a gallon of gas we had in 2014 and early 2015?  Well thankfully, we have seen the gas prices go down!

What you might not of heard is that Postage rates are going down for the first time in over 90 years!  The postage will be going down 4.3% on April 10, 2016. The rate will be as follows:

Current Mandated Reduction 
Letters (1 oz.) 49 cents 47 cents
Letters additional ounces 22 cents 21 cents
Letters to all international destinations  $1.20 $1.15
Postcards 35 cents 34 cents
Postage is going down!
Postage is going down!

Commercial prices will decrease on April 10th, and the rates are available at USPS. This is great news for your Direct Mail Budget.

**** Source

Here are some key factors of direct mail vs. email:

Direct Mail Email
Did you know that direct mail has a 95% deliver-ability rate?


Email has a rate under 50%
Direct mail in tangible, and will get a glance even if the recipient is throwing the piece away. In regards to this email, 95% of you will not even read this because 95% of all emails are not opened do to deletion or automatically sent to you spam folder. J
Direct Mail is Safe! (Be careful of paper cuts) Email might not be because of identity theft, viruses, and spam, and because of this people are hesitant to open emails, and click harmful links.
Direct mail improves Email open and click-through rates. In the direct mail piece let your customer know to look out for an email within the following week. See above
Direct mail will increase will increase your online sales by over 60% This will increase activity on your site by over 25%. No comment
Direct mail has a long shelf life …………………………………….

Direct mail is strong, and thanks to USPS it is about to get stronger.  Let Eveready Printing help you with your multi channel marketing starting with a direct mail campaign. Let’s take advantage of the postage rates before USPS changes their mind in 2017

Email Overload?

Email Overload
Email Overload

Does your head hurt?  It must be email overload.  Well, I just opened up my email to find 100+ emails trying to sell me something. Do you ever select all at once, and then hit delete? Well if you are a business owner, and you send marketing emails out, you might want to rethink your strategy.

Although email is one way to advertise, a direct mailer will give your advertising campaign a boost that will put money back into your business. There are ways to do this without breaking the bank, and statement stuffers (4×9 flyers) are another method that will yield dividends.

We know that statement stuffers work; just look at your credit card statements. Sometimes you can find two or three in one credit card bill! StatementInsert_Front_small_2013 stuffers (4×9 flyers) are efficient because as a business owner, you continuously mail invoices and checks. Create a stuffer that will make the most of your postage costs by inserting flyer with your invoice, payment or letter. Start by creating three, one for prospects, one for existing customers, and one for vendors. A statement stuffer campaign should start with a message that will grab the recipients’ attention, and give them an incentive to buy from you. The incentive can be give-a-way or a discount. Eveready Printing can help design a marketing campaign that will save you time and increase your revenue.

News Splash! Waterproof Printed Products has arrived at Eveready!

Waterproof Printed Products
Waterproof Printed Products

News Splash! Waterproof Printed Products has arrived at Eveready! Eveready Printing, a 115 year old company, owned by father Roger Wolfson and son Scott Wolfson, recognized the need for this unique product.  Our first thoughts were that the restaurant and hospitality industries would benefit from this product.  Currently, customers are using either laminated or paper menus.  The downside to laminated menus is that they can be bulky and the lamination can peel.  Paper menus have to be replaced constantly due to rough handling by customers, which in turn require the restaurants to print large quantities.

The benefits of our waterproof menu products are tear resistance, spill resistance, and a rich feel.  There is no need to print large quantities, since the waterproof menus can be used multiple times before replacing.

For further information contact us at 216-587-2389 or visit our website

Google and Print Advertising

Google and Print Advertising
Google and Print Advertising

Google and Print advertising is a debatable topic. With the plethora of online marketing channels that companies can use, why should a company print marketing materials anymore? There are several reasons why, and the proof is seen even among the top internet marketing channels themselves. Google is the SEO (search engine optimization) master, to which all website creators try to appease in order to have their pages indexed and placed on the top pages of the search engine. Google ratings are very important to merchants online and offline. Free and pay-per-click advertising as well as paid ads are available to the public. Google is one of the biggest online marketing channels in the world….and they use print marketing.

Google recently sent marketing mailers. The mailers included a letter accompanied by a promotion code brochure, postcard insert, and credit card which was promoting a special for AdWords. The letter explained how AdWords worked and how it could improve business. The card was very eye-catching, printed in a bright blue with big, bold print. The back side of the card had a step-by-step guide and all the information the recipient would need to take advantage of this offer. Why does Google spend money to send out printed information when they could advertise within their own search engine for free?

Google and Print Advertising
Google and Print Advertising

Here is why:


  • Google understands the power of printed marketing materials.
    • Online advertisements often get overlooked by viewers because internet users have been bombarded with online advertisements for years. We have essentially been desensitized to online marketing unless we are searching for it or it peaks our interest.
    • Even if a consumer notices the Ad, their retention of the information is going to be limited, even if they click on it for more information. By clicking on an ad, the web user will be taken away from what they originally came to the page to do and therefore unlikely to click on it. With printed marketing materials, this inconvenience is eliminated.


  • Google also understands that quality information cannot be summed up using a banner ad.
    • The amount of information shared in the letter I received from Google would have been too much to fit on an online advertisement. The letter contained useful information that spoke to the quality of the service they were promoting. The more credible a product/service, the more likely it will sell.


  • Google knew that making their marketing campaign personal would catch the reader’s interest.
    • The offer advertised required a promotional code to redeem it. The card sent in the mailer contained that code. The code was mailed to me personally; it is more like a personal invitation rather than a deal offered to everyone on the internet. There are many ways to make a printed Ad feel personal to your customers. Mailers are a great option.


4.) Print is durable.

  • The recipient will save it, and when they see it again your message will continue to be redelivered.   We can help you conceptualize and design a printed piece that will keep the impression count adding up.


These are some of the reasons why Google uses print advertising. Print is alive. If you are interested in using print marketing techniques such as letters or postcards like Google, visit our websites Eveready Printing, We Print Quick, Water Proof Printed Products, and Cool Marketing, and see all the innovative ways you can use print.


An Old Company with New Ideas
An Old Company with New Ideas
Waterproof Printing
Waterproof Printing
We Print Quick. Commercial Quality. Online Prices
We Print Quick. Commercial Quality. Online Prices



Cool Marketing!
Cool Marketing!

Advertising with Print

Start to Advertising with We Print Quick  Put down your phones, stop tweeting and sharing for a moment, and let us talk about traditional marketing. Print marketing may have taken a hit with all the advancements of smart phones, tablets, and the internet, but it has proven through the years that it is still effective and continuously relevant. Even now, millions of postcards, flyers, business cards, are still in circulation all over the world and bringing business to mega corporations and small businesses alike, and it doesn’t take much to realize that print is still a very valuable marketing tool. All you need is an understanding of how modern marketing operates as well as a few simple tips.

Know all your options.

Take out a pen and piece of paper and try to list down all of the different printed materials that you know of. Billboards, newspapers, posters, inserts, magazine, cereal boxes, soda cans, T-shirts, etc. Chances are you’d be sitting down listing things all night, and that is a testament to just how extensive printing really is. Of course, knowing all of the different options is only the first step, and sooner or later you would need to narrow down your choices and choose the alternatives that would be of most use to you. Hotels and spas, for example, use a lot of flyers to list down all of their services and hand out brochures to wow and entice customers with beautiful pictures. On the other hand, restaurants have a lot more use for discount coupons and personalized place mats.

Team up with the right printer.

Of course, the only thing that would limit your print marketing efforts aside from imagination is your ability to produce the prints that you have in mind. Most companies and small businesses do not have the equipment or the expertise for anything but the simplest of prints, and that’s where printing companies such as WePrintQuick or Eveready Printing come into the picture. Using a variety of techniques from offset printing to digital printing, professional commercial printers can handle even the most complex of jobs. However, the dilemma is looking for the right printer; not all printers are the same, and in an ideal world you need to find one that guarantees speed, quality, and low costs.

Take advantage of the tangibility of print.

The difference between an actual letter and an email is that you can physically hold one in your hand while you can only look at the other through a screen. And while everything nowadays is all about mobility and less waste, there is something different with something that you can touch, feel, and smell as opposed to mere pixels. A lot of people, for example, have created some very unique and memorable business cards such as business cards that can be used as puzzles, wrenches, and even refrigerator magnets. This shows resourcefulness and inventiveness while at the same time highlighting the fact that all digital business cards are useful for are to look pretty and to burn battery life. There is no changing the fact that printed materials take up space and can be bulky; what you have to do is to turn that around so that it works in your favor.

Track your efforts.

It is all well and good to print up a storm if your budget can handle it, but only if your efforts are turning in results to make the costs worth it. If you don’t evaluate the response to your print advertisements then you are basically shooting in the dark and hoping for the best. It is as simple as putting in a survey or a number to call on your prints and tracking those customers who respond to your call to action, and more important than that, it is about improving your strategy based on the data that you are able to gather. Evaluation and response measurements is something that every business and company should be doing, that is if the end goal is an efficient and effective print marketing strategy.

Integrate with digital.

These days, everyone has some sort of gadget at their disposal, and anyone who refuses to believe that or take advantage of that is trapping himself inside a cave. Digital marketing is the new fad because new doors are being opened by better technologies each day, but it is not necessarily replacing print marketing entirely. Instead of thinking of it as an either-or situation, it is better to make the best out of both worlds and try to make the offline methods work with the online methods. Some examples are putting your Twitter handle or Facebook account into your prints or add QR codes for smart phone users to have fun with. There’s no use fighting technology, but there’s no reason to turn our backs on methods that have been and are still useful to us either.

Print marketing continues to be relevant even in the face of the raging tides of the internet. It has served businesses well over the years, and there is no reason to believe it won’t evolve along with the new trends. With such a great tool at one’s disposal, the only thing left is to learn how to use it effectively, and hopefully these five simple tips helped just a bit.

Print’s Not Dead

Print’s Not Dead. The phrase may be a cliche. But it is still valid. Print’s not dead. With the creation of the internet and the surge of social media, it is more vital than ever to create marketing that is still unique and captures the attention of your designated demographic. Some people believe they should put all their efforts in web ads and web presence but they are overlooking the importance of good old print marketing.

Web marketing is effective but not the only option. Web advertising has a dangerous tendency to bundle your company and ads into “spam” that clogs up their emails and creates annoying flashing signs on sidebars of websites. However, when coupled with direct mail and other marketing strategies, response rates have the ability to increase by an average of 20 percent.

Marketing is more than just email, search marketing, and affiliate marketing. Emails get deleted without a glance and your clever email marketing strategy has a home in the trash. However, studies show that not only do 79% of households read or at least scan direct mail ads, but 75% of customers actually enjoy receiving offers in the mail and more customers are acquired through direct mail marketing.

Many underestimate what print can do for your brand. Print marketing is considered more trustworthy according to 56% of consumers. Tangible ads have a stronger impact because consumers can feel it and hold onto it – internet ads disappear with a click of a button. The fear of viruses and personal security have increased – no one wants to click on ad banners on the internet and flashing signs.

The typography, colors, and even paper material can add strength to your brand – consumers won’t get the same feel (no pun intended) for your company from a web advertisement. With print, people are more likely to read the entire ad compared to skimming websites and links with almost 48% of consumers keeping the direct mail/ads for future reference.

To reach specific consumers and targeted markets, print ads and marketing can be placed inside trade magazines which are directed at a specific demographic; you can create specialized ads for a specific market rather than a few broad general ads. These help make your consumers feel special and that their wants and needs are being directly researched.

There is no denying that the internet is very popular for many consumers. You can integrate print marketing with online marketing. A new trend of QR codes have emerged over the last few years and you can place these in printed ads and have them lead to your online web presence.

Kill two birds with one stone. And, don’t miscalculate the significance of print advertisements and marketing materials to your brand’s success.

First Impression

When you meet a potential new customer, what first impression does your marketing material (brochures, business cards, letterhead, flyers etc.) give to a potential customer? Do they scream small business with limited resources? Are they out of date and suggest that your company doesn’t keep up with a changing world?

All of us watch our spending carefully (or should) and many business leaders make the mistake of cutting costs when it comes to marketing materials. But producing high quality marketing materials doesn’t have to break the bank and will undoubtedly bring in new and repeat business.

How do your marketing and sales materials or customer support materials compare to your competition? Who looks like a more successful business? Are they doing a better job of communicating? Do their materials do a better job of outlining the benefits of their products/services? If you are behind, you need to redesign your materials.

The impression you make on customers and potential customers has a direct affect on your revenues.

Various Types of Marketing and Sales Materials:

  • Annual reports
  • Booklets
  • Brochures
  • Tri-fold brochures
  • Catalogs
  • Circulars
  • Data sheets
  • Fliers
  • Invoice stuffers
  • Newsletters
  • Postcards
  • Letterhead
  • Business cards
  • Presentation Folders

Take your marketing efforts to the Next Level!
Having the right printed marketing material can make a huge impact on how your company is perceived. The right look and feel of your company’s brochure, business cards, letterhead, envelopes, and direct mail pieces communicates the overall quality of your company and helps your collateral stand out amongst your competitions.  Let Eveready Printing Help your with your companies first impression.



Eveready Printings Promotional Products

Eveready Printings promotional products
Eveready Printings promotional products
Eveready Printing
Eveready Printing


Eveready Printings promotional products are “articles of merchandise (often branded with a logo) used in marketing and communication programs that are given away to promote a company, corporate image, brand, or event.” Use promotional products to your company’s greatest profit-by first understanding the benefits.

1) Eveready printings Promotional products increase your company’s brand recognition and brand awareness through repeat exposure to your company name and the products and services offered as displayed on the promo product they received.

2) Your client’s or potential customer’s repeat exposure to your brand through the promotional products will influence their purchasing actions of your product or service. This will result in increased responsiveness and improved sales. Research has found that response rates can increase by up to 50% by including a promotional product with a sales letter in direct mailing and in general promotional products can improve overall response rates by up to 75% according to studies

3)Promotional products reach a crowd of people at a low cost per person which inevitably increases the reach of your company and its brand. The mass of people will include the people that received the distributed promotional products and anyone the receivers interact with that come in contact with the promotional product. The reach of your brand through promotional products can be exponential.

4) Recipients tend to hold on to tangible reminders longer than any other form of advertising. The greater quality promo product you supply will present a better impression of the quality of your company’s products and services. And the longevity of that product will continue to influence the recipient for as long as the product lasts.

5) Recipients of your promotional products will see your company in a favorable light. By providing something free it shows potential customers your goodwill and begins to build the trust necessary for a great business relationship.

6)Promotional products reiterate the work your company is doing through other advertising sources by confirming that your brand is available and the people easily accessible.
Design and Order Online

7) Studies have shown that your trade show booth traffic can triple by including a promotional product in your pre-show mailing. It is also beneficial to have a promotional product at your booth so visitors to your booth will remember your company with a tangible representation.

8) Some promotional products can represent a form of business card as it displays your company name, logo, and contact information which provides easy access to the information needed to contact your business.

9) Not all promotional products are created equal. Evaluate your target customer and the purpose for the promotional products in order to choose the most effective product for the opportunity.

You are now informed about the benefits of promotional products for your business and are ready to tackle sales growth through this low-cost, high return on investment advertising tool. As you determine how best to use promotional products, keep in mind that people like free stuff and so will you when you receive additional sales.

Design Templates

Design Templates
Design Templates

Design templates have made making your own printed creations – whether for business or pleasure – a fast and easy process. No longer limited to the trained graphic designer, today anyone can download  design templates to make postcards, business cards, brochures, flyers and rack cards. Below are ways you can learn why design templates make for fast, professional designs and what you should look for when choosing a design template before you decide to use it for your project.

They’re customizable

One of the greatest things about these design templates is the fact that they can be quickly customized to promote your company or share your events – all without sacrificing the quality of excellent graphic design. Choose the template, some quick text and/or photo, and you’re ready to get your project printed. This not only levels the playing field for individuals and business owners, it also lowers budgets for businesses and makes last-minute emergency projects a snap.

They look great

Choose a good online printing company that would have plenty of templates for you to choose for your project and would turn them into wonderfully beautiful printed creations. With premium paper stocks, glossy and matte finishes, and professional-grade inks, you can get a completed professional printed product at a price that is cheaper than what it would cost to have a graphic designer to design your project. Better quality means a better impression on customers – and when it is so affordable you can’t lose.

What to look for when choosing an online printer that offers design templates

First and foremost you have to love the design. The design should be professional-grade and should match the colors of your business , the mood of your personality, your event, and your customers. That probably goes without saying; however, there are other things that make for a good design template – and you would be wise to double-check that your online print company template meets these requirements before you commit to it.
You should be able to edit your template, which means it needs to be user friendly with training tutorials should you need them. You should be able to view your work and request a proof before committing to print the project. The Online Print Company should also have a design team available to give you support when designing your project.
Most important is to ensure that your chosen design templates are the correct size and are available in the proper color mode (CMYK) and resolution (at least 300 dpi) to ensure that they are print-ready. Choosing the right Print Company will save you plenty of headaches and money down the road, and essentially helps you get the best quality finished printed pieces at the most affordable prices.